About Us

About us
Blake and Cathy Miller are your instructors.  Both have been actively involved in the outdoors as hunters, backpackers and fishermen.  They are 20 year Navy veterans with backgrounds in navigation.  Since 1998, Blake and Cathy have taught classes to personnel in the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, local law enforcement, Search and Rescue Teams, wild land firefighters and Smoke Jumpers.  Blake teaches a 3 credit land navigation class for Central Oregon Community College’s Natural Resources department.Blake  writes  a blog on GPS, land navigation and survival; Blog.

The GPS class offered by the Millers covers the basics of Map and Compass and GPS navigation.A principle objective of a class is for the student to confidently use their GPS receiver to safely find their way in and out of the wilderness.  Survival classes teach the basics of backcountry travel preparation, survival skills, gear and clothing selections using modern equipment and technology.

The Millers reside in the Pacific Northwest’s high mountain desert region of Oregon and are the parents of three sons.

Blake and Cathy – Outdoor Quest

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